You may not have the bountiful upper lip hair of Ron Burgundy, or his unparalleled machismo and wit...

But, if you're cool with people thinking you've completely lost it, you can nail his powerful '70s style quicker than the time it takes to say 'It's so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice.'

Start things off with a strong pair of patent leather loafers, preferably in light tan or a rich burgundy. For added Ron-factor, be brave and pair them with striped socks in a variety of retro brown and orange shades. Then, carefully integrate brassy touches, like gold cufflinks and some blindingly strong aftershave.

The suit has to be burgundy, naturally. Though, jokes aside, this is actually a really sharp suit, and when worn with a vague air of irony (plus a nice pair of derbies and fewer daft accessories) is a smart option for any forthcoming festive soiree. Regardless of the sweltering heat.

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Anchorman 2 is in cinemas from today.